ICTIC 2019

We are looking back at three wonderful days at the ICTIC 2019 in Germersheim.
Thanks to all participants for sharing their research and helping to find a way out of the box!

Media 4 All 8 in Stockholm

Our colleagues Anke Tardel and Silke Gutermuth visited the International Conference Media For All 8 in Stockholm and held a presentation on Cognitive Load in Multimodel and Multilingual Text Processing - The impact of automatic speech recognition in transcription processes. They presented results from an eye tracking study within the CompAsS project.


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Boys' und Girls' Day

Am diesjährigen Boys' und Girls' Day (28.3.2019) bekamen wir Besuch von vier Schülern der 5. Klasse aus Landau. Im TRA&CO-Labor konnten die Schüler Forschungsluft schnuppern, kleine Experimente durchführen und unsere Eye-Tracker ausprobieren.


Analyse eines Experiment mit unserem SMI-Remote-Eye-Tracker.


Ausprobieren der Eye-Tracking-Brille.

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Auch das Tra&Co Team war beim Studieninformationstag der JGU in Mainz mit einem Stand vertreten und hatte sichtlich Spaß dabei. 

Wir hoffen, dass wir jede Menge neue Studis für den Fachbereich begeistern konnten.




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Tagung "Barrierefreie Kommunikation Interdisziplinär"

Im Rahmen des Graduiertenkollegs „Einfach komplex! Ein multimodaler und interdisziplinärer Ansatz zur Untersuchung von sprachlicher Komplexität in der Leichten Sprache“ findet am 12. Februar 2019 in der Info-Box Wissenschaftszentrum Mainz (Kreuzung Jakob-Welder-Weg/ Johannes-von-Müller-Weg) die Tagung Barrierefreie Kommunikation Interdisziplinär statt. Von 10 bis 18 Uhr wird es verschiedene Vorträge zum Thema Barrierefreie Kommunikation in der Wissenschaft geben.

Zum Programm


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Informationsforum „Leichte Sprache in der Wissenschaft“

Save the Date

Informationsforum „Leichte Sprache in der Wissenschaft“

Das Graduiertenkolleg zur Leichten Sprache der Universität Mainz lädt herzlich ein und gewährt Einblicke in seine Arbeit.

Die Veranstaltung finden am Donnerstag, den 27. Juni 2019 ab 13 Uhr im Landesmuseum Mainz statt.

Das Programm der Veranstaltung lassen wir Ihnen im neuen Jahr zukommen.

Weiter Informationen hier

Einladung in Leichter Sprache


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2nd Call for Abstracts ICTIC 2019

After the first successful International Congress on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition held at the University of Mendoza, Argentina in 2017, we are delighted to announce the second conference in this series to be hosted by the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germersheim from 04 - 06 July 2019. Cognitive aspects of the translation process have become a very active research area in recent years.

The aim of the second International Congress on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition is to combine interdisciplinary aspects with multi-method approaches. We would like to encourage you to submit abstracts on the following topics:

Translation/interpreting, cognition, and

  • behaviour
  • training
  • language processing
  • technology and digitization
  • multimedia
  • ergonomics and usability
  • emotions, self-concept and psychological factors
  • revision and post-editing

The research for presentation should be empirical – in terms of methodology, we welcome a broad spectrum as well as mixed approaches, e.g. keylogging, eyetracking, brain imaging techniques and others.

Submission deadline for your abstract is 01 February 2019

The following keynote-speakers have been confirmed:

  • Michael Carl (Copenhagen Business School, University of Beijing)
  • Adolfo García (INCyT)
  • Sandra Halverson (Bergen University)
  • Alexis Hervais-Adelman (University of Zurich)
  • Kristian Hvelplund (University of Copenhagen)
  • Lucia Specia (University of Sheffield)
  • Antonio Toral (University of Groningen)

We are pleased to offer two pre-conference workshops (03 July 2019) on

  • interfacing EEG and Eyetracking methodology, held by Olaf Dimigen
  • spoken and written language processing in TPR, held by Michael Carl & Moritz Schaeffer

For further information click here

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Kick-off "Simply complex!"

On the 1st of September the project “Simply complex! A multimodal and interdisciplinary approach to examine linguistic complexity within Leichte Sprache” funded by the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GYR) started.

An interdisciplinary research group consisting of three professors from Mainz and Germersheim, two postdocs and five doctoral students aims to investigate the psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic correlates of Leichte Sprache, a German version of plain language.

Using an interdisciplinary and innovative approach, the program is intended to advance the framework of Leichte Sprache and its rules. By applying methods such as eye-tracking (ET), electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a neurobiologically feasible model of Leichte Sprache will be developed. The project examines the impact of complexity reduction on several linguistic levels, including those of syntax, morphology, lexicon and semantics.

We are looking forward to cooperating with the faculty 05 (linguistics) in Mainz.

For further information see

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