Public Reviewing

Public reviewing with Slack

We have created a Slack environment for the public reviewing of submitted papers.

You can access it via the link all participants recieved in the last email.

The link will be live for 4 weeks only, so if you want to review any of the papers now or at a later point in time, please join the ICTIC2019 Slack now.

You will find a #channel for every submitted paper where you can add general suggestions for improvement, criticism or positive appraisal regarding the paper in general. When you click on the links in each channel to open the papers, you should be able to add more specific comments where relevant in the paper itself.
The idea is to provide a space where these papers can be reviewed and discussed more privately than on public social networks.

You are of course free to create new channels in the Slack environment and we suggest you do so, if you are commenting on a paper or session, rather than posting things in the general channel.
Anything you post on Slack will of course only be visible for those attending the conference.