Geasy Corpus


Parallel Corpus for translations into German Easy Language (Geasy)

The corpus contains translations of various different text types from Standard German into German Easy Language. The corpus is still being compiled and continuously growing.
It currently encompasses 1 087 643 words in the standard German source texts and 292 552 words in the translations in German Easy Language.
An overview of the texts and word counts can be found here (German).

When referring to or using the Geasy corpus please cite:

Hansen-Schirra, S., Nitzke, J., & Gutermuth, S. (2021). An Intralingual Parallel Corpus of Translations into German Easy Language (Geasy Corpus): What Sentence Alignments Can Tell Us About Translation Strategies in Intralingual Translation. In V. X. Wang, L. Lim, & D. Li (Eds.), New Perspectives on Corpus Translation Studies (pp. 281–298). Springer.