Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking 2018

From 22 to 23 August, Silke Gutermuth, Anke Tardel and Anne-Kathrin Gros from the Tra&Co Team attended the Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking (SWAET), an interdisciplinary meeting place for students, researchers and manufacturers of eye tracking devices.

Eye trackers are not only used in linguistics. Many other scientific fields work with this methodology, including visual perception studies, marketing, usability studies or simulator training.

Keynotespeakers were Professor Reinhold Kliegl from the University of Potsdam who talked about fixation locations and fixation durations during reading and Dr. Monica Castelhano from Queen's University Ontario on natural scene perception and visual search.

Our colleague Anke Tardel presented a study in cooperation with ZDF digital on eye movements and split attention during the intralingual subtitling process.

During the conference we were able to observe the various applications of eye tracking in other research fields. We presented our own research and gathered ideas and impulses for future eye tracking studies at the FTSK.

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