8th to 31st July 2018: Bootcamp on Modelling Parameters of Cognitive Effort in Translation Production

The project Modelling Parameters of Cognitive Efforts in Translation Production (Memento) organizes a four week boot-camp between 8th and 31st July 2018 in Macau on empirical TPR at the University of Macau. The boot-camp aims to investigate and develop new ways of assessing, analyzing and measuring translation process data and to explore possibilities to integrate translation product and process research in novel ways. It focuses on the conceptualization of translation processes with a view to investigate what metrics we need to describe the various translation sub-processes based on translation process data. The boot-camp is of interest for advanced students, PhD students, post-docs and senior researchers, covering different fields of expertise, including translation studies, psychology and psycho-linguists, as well as computer science students with an interest in machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence. TPR data will be collected and legacy data will be made available to implement and test novel approaches for measuring the translation process in different modes of translation, including written translation, post-editing, sight translation and interpreting.

For further information see the posting 'Memento' in Projects.