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S Leichte Sprache

Silke Gutermuth

Shortname: 06.008.0202
Course No.: 06.008.0202


The aim of this block course is the conception and realisation of an exhibition on literature and magazines in plain and easy language. In project groups, we will work together on the contents of the exhibition and we create the exhibits. This can be realized e.g. in the form of a reading, a magazine collection, a video etc.

Within the context of accessible communication, we aim to make the exhibition as accessible as possible. In the further course of the course, we will therefore again decide in groups which strategies and forms of translation of accessible communication are suitable to serve this purpose and implement them. This may include for instance an accessible website on the exhibition, flyers in easy language, subtitling and audio description of the videos etc.

Examination performance: active participation


Date (Day of the week)TimeLocation
04/24/2020 (Friday)10.00 to 16.00N.100 Audimax
8512 - FAS Hörsaalgebäude
05/15/2020 (Friday)10.00 to 16.00N.100 Audimax
8512 - FAS Hörsaalgebäude
06/26/2020 (Friday)10.00 to 16.00N.100 Audimax
8512 - FAS Hörsaalgebäude

Semester: SoSe 2021